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The three glasses of Yonghong company can be "married" in a new steel ship under extremely low temperature

"Polyurethane adhesives are mainly used for windshields, lamps, filter elements, interior ceilings, etc. Recently, three new ships of Ningbo Yonghong Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., the first to settle in Fangqiao port area of Fenghua City, have been delivered for use.

Fangqiao port area is a key construction project of the Ministry of communications and Zhejiang Province. After completion, it will be an important inland river logistics distribution base in Ningbo." last June, it was still a rotten field. " Liu Yongjin, chairman of Yonghong company, said that a year ago, they saw the unique geographical advantages and development potential of Fangqiao port area, became the first enterprise to settle here, and became the first enterprise to put into operation through hard work. It is expected that the sales output value this year will reach 50million yuan

Yonghong company specializes in the research, design and manufacture of high-performance FRP ships, and its main products are tourist passenger ships, official ships, fishing boats, yachts, etc. Yesterday, the three new ships delivered together were yuguangqu 3, Jia transparent conductive electrode: graphene good conductivity and light transmission performance Xingshui police 01, Qinghai Lake 09, which will be "married" to Xiangshan Shipu, Jiaxing and Qinghai respectively. We can see in the workshop that at present, there are more than 10 FRP high-speed boats of different sizes being manufactured

Liu Yongjin said that Yonghong ship will adhere to the road of independent innovation and try its best to enter the production base of large luxury yachts with the most advanced technology and the most perfect management in Ningbo and even the country in 2013, so as to make a positive contribution to accelerating the construction of Fangqiao port area and promoting the development of characteristic industries in Jiangkou street

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