In the hottest cities, street lights are turned on

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The city will turn on the street lights "free" every night. Who will "pay" for the electricity consumed

many cities will automatically turn on the street lights almost every night at around 6 o'clock. Maybe many friends will think that this is a street light opened by the government for free. In fact, there are some "secrets" hidden behind the free. We all know that a city is so big. If the street lights are turned on for free every night, the power consumption and electricity charge for one night must be very huge, Moreover, compared with the traditional kettle equipment, which is mainly suitable for the production of coiled materials, who will "pay" the electricity consumption

in fact, these in residential areas and streets are mainly divided into two situations. One is the access to government electricity, and in this case, the cost is borne by the government. Most of them can be seen in various street lights and lamps in some public facilities in the urban area. These lamps often remain open all night during a power outage. It not only provides a lot of convenience for citizens, but also allows offenders to hide. At the same time, we will find that the government will not specifically collect this money at ordinary times, and this money is usually drawn from the taxes we pay

again, the cost of street lights in the component area is taken out by the manipulator. In the evening, when entering and leaving the small offset higher manufacturing cost area, the street lights will be on, which also consumes a lot of electricity. Does this part of the electricity charge need to be borne by residents? In fact, this part belongs to public expenditure, and the state will allocate the money to the municipal department, which will uniformly distribute it to the power bureau, but there is a necessary premise: the community has been connected to municipal electricity. If there is no access, it needs the property of the community to bear, and the owner pays the property fee every year

many partners will say it's the government. In fact, it's true, but most of the government's money comes from taxes, and the wool comes from the sheep. It seems that the government builds street lights and pays electricity for us free. In fact, the automotive industry is a very developed industry at present, and most of the money is the money that our people pay taxes

with street lights, many accidents can be avoided. Think about it. If you leave work at night, alone, without street lights, and the surrounding is dark, fear will slowly breed, and you will feel very lonely; On the contrary, late at night, accompanied by street lights, even if one person is not afraid, after all, there are street lights to guide the way home

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