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AI + era Shanghai took the lead in sounding the call for developers to gather

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at 9:30 a.m. on August 29, the annual Shanghai World AI conference was officially opened in the silver hall on the first floor of the Shanghai WorldExpo Center

Jeffrey wassersdom, a history professor at the University of California, once mentioned in his book global Shanghai that the rise of many great powers will complete two steps: hosting the Olympic Games and the WorldExpo. Beijing completed the former, and Shanghai achieved the historic second step in 2010

The Expo Center also represents the rebirth and rejuvenation of Shanghai to some extent. By choosing this location, we can see the significance of AI to Shanghai and even China in the future

the national artificial intelligence development highland has initially appeared

over the past two years, overseas technology giants such as Amazon and Microsoft have set up functional headquarters or R & D centers in Shanghai. The headquarters or R & D centers of key AI enterprises such as Tencent East China headquarters, Huawei Kunpeng Industrial Ecological Innovation Center, JD artificial intelligence (Shanghai) research center, Shangtang China headquarters and global R & D headquarters have also built nests here to attract Phoenix

in addition to the layout of industry leaders, the "Shanghai face" is also eye-catching. ETO technology was selected into a new batch of national new generation AI open innovation platforms, and took the lead in building an open innovation platform for visual computing; Lu Jinsuo ranked among the top 10 of the first "2019 Hurun global Unicorn list" of Hurun Research Institute; Pinduoduo, which has distributed artificial intelligence technology, has a market value of US $39billion, ranking among the first camp of domestic Internet enterprises

from the perspective of industrial regions, Shanghai has formed a new pattern of AI industry development, led by Zhangjiang and Xuhui Binjiang in Pudong, linked by Yangpu, Changning, Jing'an and other regions, with no oil flowing out of the port new area of the free trade zone and the oil delivery valve return pipe of Minhang Maqiao AI innovation pilot zone

among them, the "West Bank smart Valley" in Xuhui Binjiang aims to build an artificial intelligence headquarters base, which echoes the Pudong New Area from afar. In Pudong New Area, Zhangjiang, Lingang New Area, Jinqiao and other advantageous industrial clusters have gathered a number of key industrial enterprises such as smart chips, smart cars, smart and smart hardware

Minhang Maqiao focuses on the development of "four smart" industries such as intelligent delivery system, intelligent robot, intelligent sensing system and intelligent new hardware system, enabling the development of real economy and the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry

at present, Shanghai has also gathered 1/3 of the country's AI talents, more than 1100 core AI enterprises, with an industrial scale of more than 130 billion yuan, formed a relatively mature industrial technology and business model, and initially built into one of the leading areas in the development of AI in China

"ai+" era requires more AI developers

in the past year, the number of enterprises adopting AI increased from 4% to 14%. People's attention to AI has shifted from the concept and the future vision it represents to the consideration of the current concrete implementation. More and more companies are trying to get out of the proof of concept stage and use AI as a tool to further explore the vertical field, trying to prove that they not only understand the industry, but also know how to instill value in the existing data (the so-called ai+)

in this process, more developers need to participate in creating business solutions that meet various needs for different application scenarios. At the same time, the diversity of scenarios also brings unlimited opportunities to developers

however, unlike previous software development, the development of AI applications is more complex and the chain is longer. Not only need, but also need training model. For developers, they not only desire an affordable and flexible hardware environment (such as chips), but also need more open source frameworks for model training and deployment. These characteristics also determine that developer oriented services must invest huge human, financial and material resources

in the United States, in addition to kubernetes and tensorflow, which have brought great reputation, Google also released TPU edge, a chip for terminal machine learning, in an attempt to open up cloud to end machine learning. Microsoft has significantly increased its investment in open source. In addition to the heavy purchase of GitHub, it also bought the open source company citusdata. Amazon cloud has repeatedly stressed its desire to work closely with software developers to create a modern software development framework

there are two main difficulties for developers in China. On the one hand, the shortage of artificial intelligence talents is becoming an important factor that restricts the development of technology prices that are still higher than trapezoidal screw. Data shows that in AI, the talent gap of AI in China is more than 5million, and the proportion of supply and demand is only 1:10, and the contradiction between supply and demand is still further increasing

on the other hand, Chinese AI developers need platforms, interfaces, testing environments and even ecosystems that are suitable for local conditions. This is why bat, including Huawei, and other giants have strengthened their investment in the developer ecosystem through open source, acquisition and other means. For example, coding recently received 100 million yuan of strategic financing from Tencent cloud; Alibaba acquired the parent company of Flink for 90million euros; Huawei's all connect conference outlines the long-term layout for enterprise AI developers, and so on

in the final analysis, the competition of artificial intelligence is the competition of talents, and developers are the most sensitive people to technological change. How technology changes the world ultimately depends on these people who master new tools. To develop artificial intelligence, it is necessary to attract, operate and serve their own developer resources, from a country or region to technology companies, industrial companies and even research institutions

waic developer ecosystem plan

Shanghai has always been in the forefront of the country in terms of policy guidance related to artificial intelligence

Shanghai knows that unlike other emerging technologies, AI cannot be separated from data and scenarios. In addition to taking the lead in exploring basic databases, data opening pilots and rules, the government has also actively set up a platform and released two batches of real application scenarios, encouraging the latest achievements of artificial intelligence to take the lead in "testing water" in Shanghai with the development mode of "demand leading and application leading"

government departments also set an example, taking the lead in using artificial intelligence to improve business efficiency and management service level. Build artificial intelligence public demonstration projects in key areas such as government affairs cloud, community cloud, "one link office", smart public security, smart court, garbage classification, etc

Shanghai knows that high technology requires a lot of investment, and it also needs to give entrepreneurs more time and patience. In addition to a number of AI special funds to provide financial support for AI enterprises, the first phase of the AI industry investment fund with a target scale of 10 billion yuan is designed to support AI enterprises in Shanghai and expand the AI industry

more importantly, the construction of artificial intelligence highland depends on talents. At present, 70% of AI talents in China are concentrated in Beijing and Shanghai, accounting for 33.7%, and have a voice in the fields of computer vision, speech semantic recognition, brain intelligence engineering and so on. They also have a number of academicians in the field of artificial intelligence. Shanghai is well aware that in order to gather promising talents who most want to start a business, it will strengthen the role of talent policy and public services, and hopes to cultivate a talent team of 200000 in the artificial intelligence industry by 2021

however, the development of artificial intelligence requires not only excellent professional skills, but also developers' deep understanding of various vertical fields. At present, there is a shortage of such developer talents and exchange development communities in Shanghai. In view of this, as the continuation of waic Developer Day of the World Conference on artificial intelligence, in order to provide more sustainable and in-depth services to the majority of developers, Shanghai has set up a waic developer ecosystem plan, including knowledge dissemination, technology sharing, technology and industry docking, data competitions, open source project cooperation and talent services, to provide high-frequency and full process services for developers through activities and online products

The first large-scale summit of waic developer ecosystem is about to be held

On August 20, the New Lingang area of China (Shanghai) pilot free trade zone was officially unveiled. This suburban New City, which is more than 70 kilometers away from the center of Shanghai, has been promoted to the "sub center of Shanghai" in the 2040 plan of Shanghai, bearing the mission of a new round of opening up

in terms of volume planning, the park with an area of about 315 square kilometers near the port is equivalent to three "Zhangjiang Science City". The establishment of a new port area is not only the expansion or extension of the core keywords such as freedom, openness and innovation, but also an important choice made to meet the historical intersection of the world's new scientific and technological revolution, industrial reform and China's transformation of the mode of economic development based on the new situation and new characteristics of economic globalization

among them, focusing on the development of integrated circuits, biomedicine, artificial intelligence, aerospace and other key links and technologies that are urgently needed for China's high-quality development has become an important direction for the port new area to improve the energy level of cutting-edge science and technology industries

it can be said that the design that combines the functions of the manufacturing industry and the free trade zone has become a major innovation in the planning of the new area of the port free trade zone. At present, there are a large number of star enterprises here, such as Tesla, Alibaba rookie, Sany Heavy machinery, SAIC, Daimler Benz, Everbright Technology, nengchuan electric, etc. There are also Jita semiconductor project and Shanghai brain intelligence project with a total investment of 35.9 billion yuan, which have gathered certain advantages in integrated circuits and artificial intelligence

if the agglomeration effect of traditional manufacturing comes from the proximity of relevant upstream and downstream enterprises, then the distribution of high-tech enterprises is more inclined to the accumulation of innovative talents. This is why a large number of innovative companies are concentrated in San Francisco, Tel Aviv and London. The regional economic construction and the establishment of cutting-edge industrial clusters in Lingang New film are also inseparable from the gathering of artificial intelligence development talents

in order to strengthen the introduction of domestic talents, the Management Committee of Lingang New District of Shanghai Free Trade Zone issued several measures to support talent development (divided into 7 parts, a total of 48 articles). Among them, it includes specific measures such as direct settlement of special talents, additional points for residence permits, and shortening the period of "residence transfer" and so on; Strengthen the housing security of talents, including specific measures in the adjustment of housing purchase policies and systems, public rental housing, talent apartments and so on

in addition, several measures also include promoting the introduction of overseas talents, implementing special awards for talents, strengthening talent training, gathering human resources service institutions, optimizing the talent service environment, etc

now, let's start from Lingang

The waic developers · Shanghai Lingang AI developers conference will be held in Lingang, Shanghai from December 6 to 7. This conference is guided by the Organizing Committee of the world AI conference, hosted by the Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission and the Lingang New Area Management Committee of China (on the Polaris sea) free trade pilot zone, and hosted by Lingang group and machine heart

with the theme of "open source and openness", the conference is aimed at artificial intelligence developers and technicians, and focuses on the theoretical research, engineering practice and industrial application of artificial intelligence with the continuous deepening of building energy conservation. The conference will output high-quality content to help developers gain knowledge and improve skills through rich forms of activities; On the other hand, promote technology society

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