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Mainland Futures: both Shanghai natural rubber futures and Nippon rubber closed down

the main contract ru0807 opened at 22150, with a maximum of 22925 and a minimum of 21850. It closed at 22795, up 405 points from the previous trading day. 285646 transactions were made throughout the day, an increase of 158928 over the previous trading day. Reduce positions by 20802 to 47550

ru0807 on Rik line receives Extra Long Yang line. Technically, the breaking of Technical Graphics shows that the market weakness is coming, but the 22000 position is supported, and there may be a rebound in the short term

basically, all kinds of data show that China's demand for rubber is gradually increasing. In addition, there are recent rumors that the rubber cutting in Yunnan and Hainan will be delayed for 10 to 20 days due to climate reasons, which will support the rubber price, but the overall seasonal increase in production to improve the relevant standards will suppress the rubber price. At the same time, the high international oil price will also provide support for further improving the efficiency of factor allocation and factor quality. However, the recent rise of crude oil has not provided support for the rubber price. At the same time, the current economic situation and the upcoming seasonal demand weakening pressure make the continuous rise of crude oil more and more risky, and the crude oil callback is bound to cause the rubber price to fall rapidly. And the rising yen against the dollar has put pressure on the rise of Japanese rubber

on the spot, according to Singapore's news on March 14, the spot rubber price in Asia rose on Friday, boosted by the rise in the futures market. Traders said the lack of supply also provided further support. Singapore traders said that consumers resumed buying. Due to the atmosphere that the recent correction has ended, the quality waste products have been directly offset by the corresponding unit profits, and the prices are expected to rise in the next few trading days. Due to limited production, the three major rubber producing countries were affected by weather factors, and the tapping was delayed. RSS3 of Thai No. 3 cigarette glue shipped in March was reported at 284 cents per kilogram, and 282 cents on Thursday. The Thai tire grade standard rubber str20 shipped in March was reported at 270 cents per kilogram and 269 cents on Thursday. The Indonesian tire grade standard rubber sir20 shipped in March was reported at 269 cents per kilogram and 267 cents on Thursday. The Malaysian tire grade standard rubber SMR20 shipped in March was reported at 269 per kilogram Cents, 269 cents on Thursday

in the international futures market, according to the news on March 13 in Tokyo, the rubber futures on the Tokyo industrial products exchange (TOCOM) closed sharply lower on Thursday, although the rise of the yen against the US dollar drove the futures price out of its daily low. An analyst in Tokyo said that the future market may fall further, as the technical side becomes weak after the price falls below the recent 290 yen support. However, crude oil futures are bullish, and rubber fundamentals may limit the market decline. The price may find strong support at 282 yen. The benchmark August RSS3 contract closed down 8.9 yen at 286.8 yen per kilogram

operation suggestions: it is not suitable to be overly bullish or bearish in the near future. Investors are advised to operate in the short term under the principle of careful risk control

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