Best Rex lighting 2018 China Lighting Forum Award

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In order to seek a breakthrough and a new way out, and promote the industry to jointly issue a technical index Exhibition for each test of the experimental machine, there are more than 400 user units, industry experts, lighting planning and design from the lighting industry. They have exciting and unique performance. Representatives of the Academy, lighting engineering companies, and production enterprises gathered in Shangyu, focusing on the theme of "intelligence, economy, quality, and health", Discuss the future development trend of semiconductor lighting industry. Rex lighting attended the event

at the opening of the 2018 China Lighting Forum, more than 400 people gathered together

Bing Shukui, chairman of the China Lighting society, delivered an opening speech

Bing Shukui, chairman of the China Lighting society, delivered an opening speech, in which he affirmed the innovative technologies and new products emerging in the industry; We hope that with the help of this lighting industry exchange, we can update the employees' understanding of LED lighting products and applications, play a platform role and cultivate talents; It is proposed to actively carry out ar CPRO with a V foaming ratio of 10-30 times_ id = "u"; Academic exchanges with enterprises will play the role of a link and bridge between the society and enterprises

Gao Shannan, director of the Design Institute of Les Roches Lighting Co., Ltd., shared a speech with the theme of "Les Roches customization, helping the city with high-quality lighting"

Rex lighting lighting case sharing - Hefei Swan Lake

Rex lighting uses the overall design principle of "reduce, add, change, retain and connect", which makes the night scenery of Swan Lake scenic area unified as a whole, creating a visual feast of "melting Swan Lake and shining Luzhou City" for Hefei

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