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The production capacity of continental panels is directly catching up with that of Taiwan and South Korea, and the risk of small and medium-sized overcapacity increases.

continental panel manufacturers continue to expand production. In addition to BOE and csot, manufacturers such as CLP panda and Tianma have also expanded production for all experimental machine manufacturers. Digitimesresearch estimates that in 2016, the production capacity of large-size TFTLCD panels in the mainland accounted for 21% of the global production capacity. Small and medium-sized TFTLCD panels will focus on special aluminum alloy plates The proportion of production capacity of products and technical services such as aluminum alloy industrial profiles, aluminum materials for construction and aluminum forgings for vehicles will be higher, reaching 35.7%. The overall TFTLCD panel production capacity will rapidly increase from 6.5% in 2011 to 23.7% in 2016, forming three production centers with South Korea and Taiwan

according to the analysis, the main reason why continental panel manufacturers strategically shift the focus of production capacity is that the growth momentum of large-scale applications is relatively limited, and it is simply seen that the volume of goods may even decline. Therefore, Continental panel manufacturers BOE, CLP panda and Longteng optoelectronics, which originally took large-scale applications as the main shipping force, have allocated more resources to small and medium-sized applications, and the capacity allocation will also shift to small and medium-sized applications

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