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The maintenance department is the first to promote the weekly safety meeting to create the strongest enterprise safety culture - Asia Pacific Senbo Guangdong paper

release date: Source: the emergency management department

in order to strengthen the construction of team safety culture, improve the safety awareness of team employees, enhance the communication of safety work between teams, timely and accurately understand and master the front-line safety production situation, further promote safety management, and carry out safety production work targeted, Coordinate and deal with safety production problems in the process of production organization to ensure safety production. At the initiative of Wang Wen, deputy general manager of emergency management department, with the strong support of Chu Xiqing and Zhu Zhonghua, deputy general managers of operation, and with the strong promotion of Liu Bingjie and Li Baocheng, managers of maintenance department, the maintenance department has been used as a pilot to implement the weekly safety meeting since October

the weekly safety meeting takes front-line personnel as the main body and technical sharing as the main content. It takes minutes every week to share and discuss safety with the team (or module with the same or similar nature of work) as the unit, and is led by employees. The content focuses on the post characteristics, labor protection, safety technology analysis, problems in recent post safety production, analysis of typical accident cases while grinding and washing with water Post key control points, etc., and record the problems in the meeting, form meeting minutes, and arrange people to follow up

manager Liu Bingjie of the maintenance department stressed when arranging the deployment at the department meeting: "each team must implement the weekly safety meeting according to the company's requirements, remind employees of safety precautions through the weekly safety meeting, and improve employees' safety awareness, so as to create a department's safety culture." As the first pilot department, manager Liu Bingjie provided the direction for the implementation of the weekly safety meeting, which also reflected the firm determination of the maintenance department to implement the weekly safety meeting

in order to ensure the smooth implementation of the trial, the maintenance department specially organized the heads of each team to carry out advance publicity and troubleshooting, to understand and solve the doubts and difficulties of each team in implementing the weekly safety meeting

since the implementation of the weekly safety meeting, manager Li Baocheng of the maintenance department often attends the weekly safety meeting in person. He listened carefully to the staff's sharing, participated in the discussion, passed on his rich experience to everyone, and put forward many constructive and professional suggestions to the team for pipelines with high medium temperature. For the weekly meeting, he said: "managers should learn to let go boldly, let employees organize and lead the meeting by themselves, and let everyone express their opinions, so that the weekly meeting is meaningful."

in the initial stage of implementation, employees "don't understand and can't do it", but through the continuous efforts of manager Liu Bingjie, manager Li Baocheng of the maintenance department and managers at all levels to promote and publicize, employees are encouraged to speak boldly, take the initiative to speak, and gradually change into "support to do, take the initiative to do", everyone can actively put forward their own safety sharing and opinions, so that the weekly safety meeting can be smoothly implemented, This is the result of the joint efforts of the maintenance team to raise and lower the drill cone

"I have been doing maintenance work for many years, and I want to share some personal experience about 'tag out and lock out' today..." zhangguanghong, the teacher of pm12 machinery team, told his "safety story" and the team colleagues sitting around listened carefully, sometimes nodding and sometimes thinking. Master Zhang's sharing also resonated with the surrounding colleagues, Everyone discussed the typical use of Goldilocks pp-lgf in the automotive field in Table 7, expressed their views, and the recorder carefully recorded the questions raised by everyone... Such a scene will be staged in each professional team of the maintenance department every week

under the leadership of manager Liu Bingjie and manager Li Baocheng of the maintenance department, as well as the joint efforts of all department staff, the weekly safety meeting has been successfully carried out for three weeks, successfully launched the first shot, and will continue. Through the weekly safety meeting, the company's safety management concept is infiltrated to the grass-roots level, so that the safety management work is more grounded, people-oriented, site-based, and listen to the voices of employees

the next step will be to comprehensively promote the safety weekly meeting in the company. At the same time, the emergency management department will prepare the SOP of the safety weekly meeting, make the safety weekly meeting a company system, guide all departments to carry out the safety weekly meeting, make the safety weekly meeting a habit, and provide strong support for building the strongest enterprise safety culture

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