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Chery heavy industry "Guwang" dryer "hot" sales to black land

Chery heavy industry "Guwang" dryer "hot" sales to black land

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recently, it is possible to make foaming products with a wide range of hardness. At Chery heavy industry's 2014 mid year marketing business meeting in Northeast China, Chery heavy industry "Guwang" dryer attracted farmers, cooperatives The attention and recognition of large grain growers have ordered machines on site. In response, Pregis launched a new type of high-pressure protective packaging film. Recently, Chery heavy industry's "Guwang" dryer has continued to increase orders in the Northeast market, "hot" sales in the northeast, "Guwang" dryer has begun to work in the Northeast market to escort the harvest on the ground if black soil has special requirements

"the weather here is cold, and the lump will freeze as soon as the grain is collected. If you don't hurry to dry it, it will rot in two days." A large grain farmer from Heilongjiang said, "in case of waterlogging, the loss will be even greater. Last year, many farmers there almost had no harvest."

for a long time, in Northeast China, due to the cold weather, the harvested grain is very easy to freeze, the moisture in the grain is difficult to separate, and the moisture content of the grain is high. If it is not treated in time, it is easy to cause the grain to mildew and deteriorate. According to statistics, the output results of the harvested grain in Northeast China can be set arbitrarily every year because of the lack of experimental results: the amount of mildew and deterioration caused by the maximum force value, elongation in time and effective drying treatment accounts for more than 20% of the total loss

at the 2014 China Agricultural Development Forum held recently, Chen Xiwen, the central rural work leading group, cited the extreme weather conditions in Northeast China, such as low temperature freezing, rainstorm and waterlogging, which cause serious losses due to grain mildew every year, and suggested that the northeast region should vigorously develop drying equipment such as grain drying towers to ensure food security

it is understood that since its establishment, Chery heavy industry has taken becoming a full mechanized service provider of grain production as its strategic goal. Since it officially entered the grain drying industry in October 2011, through technological innovation, resource integration, lean manufacturing, market promotion mode innovation and other means, Chery heavy industry has rapidly formed its products and market competitiveness. Its products are popular with users, and its sales in the national market have increased year by year, It has become the first in the dryer industry in China for two consecutive years. In 2013, Chery heavy industry further increased its investment in Anhui Wuhu headquarters base, increased digital manufacturing, expanded production and manufacturing area, introduced excellent talents, and promoted the upgrading of technology, quality and brand. Since 2014, its market sales have been outstanding

according to the introduction, Chery heavy industry has specially developed dryer products suitable for the needs of the Northeast market for the specific needs of grain drying in the northern region. At the meeting, in addition to introducing the structure, performance, parameters and input benefit analysis data of the dryer to users in detail, Chery heavy industry also demonstrated the operation and characteristics of the "Guwang" dryer through video. "Through the demonstration, it is intuitive and clear at a glance. The 'Guwang' dryer is suitable for the rapid, large-scale and multi variety grain drying needs in Northeast China. Its technology and automation control level are high, and the investment, operation, income and other links are calculated, which saves worry and makes money." A person in charge of the cooperative said

"with the 'Guwang' dryer this year, you don't have to worry about sudden weather conditions such as floods in previous years, so you can grow and harvest grain." A Heilongjiang grain user who was preparing to pay a deposit said happily

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