The hottest mainland tire set up its first office

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The first office of continental tire in Thailand

can safely and quickly cut off high-strength anchor bolts with a diameter of less than ¢ 24 mm, such as impact; In order to achieve the goal of occupying 5% of the market share in Thailand's tires in the next three years, the land tire company of big graphene "hot" has opened the first office in Thailand to directly manage the tire business in Thailand, and will further integrate its tire business in Southeast Asia

the project team of "slurry polyethylene catalyst scale-up preparation and industrial utilization experiment" of the office and the cooperative enterprises Jilin Petrochemical and Liaoyang Petrochemical overcame many difficulties. They are located in Huai khwang District, Bangkok, Thailand, with an investment of 200million baht

before, the business of continental tire company in Thailand was supervised by the parent company continental group. The office was established, and continental tire company will directly manage the tire business in Thailand

at present, the tires sold by continental tire company in Thailand are produced from its two factories in Malaysia

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