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Run Yinglian: Zhangjiagang phase II investment overweight, innovative technology to meet high-end demand

run Yinglian: Zhangjiagang phase II investment overweight, innovative technology to meet high-end demand

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recently, in order to better provide more advanced product technology and more solid capacity support for the Chinese market, run Yinglian Zhangjiagang comprehensive production base phase II project was officially launched. It is reported that the second phase expansion project launched this time covers an area of more than 130000 square meters, and the investment scale is measured in millions of dollars, focusing on meeting the increasing demand of high-end lubricating oil market in China and the Asia Pacific region

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China Lubricant information (), and "lubricant market" magazine was invited to attend the launch ceremony of the second phase project of run Yinglian (China) Co., Ltd. Zhangjiagang plant, and met with Mr. Trevor Russell, the global president and CEO of run Yinglian, Mr. Phillippe creteur, the executive vice president of run Yinglian in charge of sales Mr. Chen Shaohui, President of runyinglian Greater China, had an in-depth exchange and shared the vision and practice of runyinglian's investment in China to build a sustainable future with innovative chemical technology

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investment plus code, and the localized production of a single dose meets the high-end demand.

from the Beijing office to the opening of the China business technology center in Shanghai, to the smooth production of Zhangjiagang plant, from dozens of backbone to 150 employees to serve the Chinese market, run Yinglian has been deeply engaged in the Chinese market for more than 20 years, Always pay attention to local development, closely follow the needs of local customers, "create a sustainable future with innovative chemical technology"

it is reported that runyinglian Zhangjiagang factory is the first wholly-owned factory in China where runyinglian has invested 100 million dollars after vigorous exercise. The phase I project covers an area of 100000 square meters and was officially put into operation in March 2016. It is mainly used for the blending of composite additives, and can produce 100000 tons of lubricating oil additives every year. At that time, the second phase plant will be put into operation, mainly producing single agents. "As a single agent accounting for the largest total amount of general composite additives, dispersants will be localized in China, with an annual output of tens of thousands of tons, which is of great significance to serve customers in China and even the entire Asia Pacific region." Mr. Trevor Russell, global president and CEO of run Yinglian, said that the process of phase II plant is more complex, the cost is higher and the investment is larger. It is revealed that the third and fourth phase of the plant is also under planning

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high quality development does not mean the pursuit of "upscale" economic activities, and high quality means a higher correspondence with people's desire to live a better life. In the view of runyinglian, in pursuit of high-quality development, safety is the first priority. As one of the safest companies in the field of lubricant additives, runyinglian Zhangjiagang phase I plant has created a record of accumulating 3million man hours and zero accidents, "At the same time, through cost control, we also ensure the factory operating rate, achieve on-time delivery, and make the internal evaluation indicators' green light 'at all times, so that our phase II investment is more smooth!"

at present, the sustained slowdown in economic growth has become the "new normal". Under various internal and external "unstable air currents", all industries are facing more challenges. As an enterprise focusing on long-term sustainable development, runyinglian is very optimistic about the Chinese market. Mr. Trevor Russell said that as a very hard core chemical technology enterprise, runyinglian's annual investment in R & D and innovation accounts for more than 5% of the company's sales. It is committed to creating a sustainable future, making internal combustion engines more efficient and fuel-efficient, so as to adapt to a more challenging external environment. Both the Chinese people's demand for mobile travel and the country's increasing investment in infrastructure have given runyinglian great confidence. "In the future, China will become the largest lubricant market in the world and usher in important development opportunities. The Chinese market has always been our top priority. In recent years, the business in China has developed rapidly, customer feedback is good, and the results are satisfactory. In the future, runyinglian will continue to increase its investment in China."

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talents start enterprises, innovative technology leads oil upgrading.

the prime minister must start in the State Department, and the fierce general must start in the army. Being familiar with the way of talent rejuvenating enterprises, runyinglian, with the combination of schools and enterprises, continues to innovate and pursue excellence, actively conforms to the development trend of the new era, explores a unique way of talent development, and gradually builds its own talent team. As early as 2014, runyinglian set up scholarship programs in China's top polytechnics. Now, many scholarship winners have become members of runyinglian, and many have become industry elite talents. Mr. Chen Shaohui, President of runying United Greater China, looked forward to, "I hope more energetic and ambitious people will join us!"

Mr. Chen Shaohui, President of runyinglian Greater China, was interviewed by the media.

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according to the data of China Association of automobile manufacturers, in 2019, the production and sales of automobiles were 25.721 million and 25.769 million respectively, despite the decline, but the production and sales continued to rank first in the world. In recent years, runyinglian has seen that the structure of Chinese auto manufacturers with a lower precision of the screw replacement is changing, and local brands are springing up rapidly. Major independent brands have done their homework in product upgrading and consumer demand insight, and have experienced severe tests, and the overall auto quality has been steadily improved. "Nowadays, the quality of engines and gearboxes is also higher, and the quality requirements of lubricants are more stringent." Phillippe creteur, executive vice president of run Yinglian in charge of sales, pointed out, "Technology drives the market. As a technology leader in the industry, runyinglian is very happy to see this trend and participate in the competition. With the increasing demand of OEM manufacturers and consumers for high-efficiency, high-quality and green energy-saving fuel and lubricants, the technological upgrading of the whole industry is a great opportunity for us! Runyinglian expects to continue to cultivate the Chinese market, constantly share more valuable lubrication solutions with the industry, and lead with innovative technology High quality development of China's automobile industry! "

Mr. Phillippe creteur, executive vice president of run Yinglian in charge of sales, was interviewed by the media

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go all out to win the new era with high quality and high value

in 2019, the automobile industry was under great pressure under the influence of factors such as transformation and upgrading, environmental protection standard switching and new energy subsidies, The annual production and sales decreased significantly year-on-year. However, in contrast, new energy vehicles achieved good results in the whole year when the subsidy policy was abolished in the second half of 19. In the view of runyinglian, the lithium battery used in pure electric vehicles does not need traditional engine oil or additives, which undoubtedly has a certain impact on the industry, but the internal combustion engine will still be the "protagonist" for a long time in the future

in terms of industry scale, China produced 25.721 million vehicles in 2019, of which pure electric vehicles accounted for only 1.02 million; In 2018, the global automobile production was 78million, only about 1% of which were pure electric vehicles. The average service life of cars is years, that is to say, 98% of the internal combustion engine cars produced today will still "run" in the coming years, and there is still a great demand for lubrication. Mr. Trevor Russell analyzed, "it is undeniable that the market share of electrification is still increasing, but as long as the factory is still producing internal combustion engines, the demand for lubricants will continue. In addition, hybrid power is also the backbone, and it has more stringent requirements for lubrication technology, which is an opportunity for runying. We will develop better products to meet the demand." Runyinglian predicts that the global additive Market in 2040 will still be larger than today, "so it is natural for Zhangjiagang factory to invest in phase II! We will continue to go all out to provide more high-quality and high-value products and technologies for the Chinese market through continuous and in-depth cooperation, and make contributions to the sustainable development of China's transportation industry."

looking forward to 2020, China's economy will continue to transform from high-speed growth to high-quality development. A richer and better digital life has become a common demand of people. Digital technologies represented by 5g, IOT, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, etc. will be applied in more scenarios, promote the digital transformation of thousands of industries, promote the re upgrading of people's digital life consumption, and become the main engine driving economic growth. "Digitalization is very important to runyinglian, and we are also constantly exploring and investing." Mr. Phillippe creteur pointed out that how to define "digitalization" in a narrow sense refers to the simplification, standardization and automation of workflow, which has been done by run Yinglian in the past; In a broad sense, robots, AI, AR and 5g all bring new opportunities to various industries. "In runyinglian, we never lack new ideas and proposals! For example, applying AR in new employee training, better delivering safety operation manuals, and launching 'customer relationship management software' by the sales team. In the future, we will never stop exploring how to further use big data and artificial intelligence to provide customers with a more accurate, friendly and thoughtful full scene experience!"

media interview of the second phase project of run Yinglian Zhangjiagang comprehensive production base

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industry comment:

at the beginning of the 20th century, economist Joseph Schumpeter proposed that innovation is to establish a new "production function" to realize the "new combination" of production factors or production conditions. China has become one of the world's leading lubricant markets, but the "big head" also has the "Achilles heel". The overall level of scientific and technological innovation is not high, the price melee of small and medium-sized brands is serious, and the market share of high-end products is not high... Facing the market weakness, it is urgent for us to further cultivate the innovative spirit of daring to explore, encouraging innovation and tolerating failure, so as to better stimulate the innovation capacity of the industry

technology drives the market, and innovation has its own rewards. One of every three vehicles running on the world's roads uses runyinglian's additive products, which is the best annotation of runyinglian's innovative technical strength. In 2018, runyinglian won the lubtop2018 Gold Award for scientific and technological innovation in China's lubricant industry and the green engine Gold Award; In 2019, runyinglian was shortlisted for the lubtop2019 annual science and Technology Pioneer Award... We expect runyinglian and the Chinese market to analyze more innovative, green and efficient leading technology products and services, and continue to implement the brand commitment of "performance and trust"

in this important period of scientific and technological strength from quantitative accumulation to qualitative leap, point breakthrough to system capability improvement, as innovation has increasingly become the first driving force to lead development, let's align ourselves with the leaders and learn from the pioneers, "people often become, people often arrive", and integrate the pursuit of technological innovation, that is, the first use of carbon fiber to weave preforms with blade shape, into the daily development of brands, Remove the stumbling blocks that are not conducive to innovation one by one

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