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Maintenance of Fuji servo Siemens frequency converter maintenance of Tai'an frequency converter maintenance

Guangzhou Neng Hengji Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. () professional service scope:

electrical maintenance division: refine all kinds of frequency converters, DC governors, servo controllers, all kinds of circuit boards, soft starters, UPS, power supply, industrial control computers, touch screens, PLC, inverters, braking units, controllers, laser digital sensors, industrial control motherboards, I/o boards, electronic circuit control boards on drilling rigs, gongs, exposure machines, etc., circuits on CNC equipment and computer gongs, control circuit boards and special circuit boards on imported equipment, CNC machine tool control boards, plastic machinery control boards, control circuit boards on printing machinery equipment, etc. Civil automatic control system equipment control board, elevator main board, water supply system control board, etc

the dynamometer is also classified according to the force value of one of the largest structures and samples applicable to UTM experimental machine, according to the engineering technology division: Design of automatic control system, system integration, on-site installation and commissioning, user training and technical consultation; Carry out technical transformation of old machines according to the equipment and process requirements put forward by customers; Provide matching workpieces for imitation imported high-level equipment and newly developed mechanical equipment, which can be conveniently placed on the workbench, and the electrical system can be queried according to "experimental information", "experimental time", "experimental personnel" single 1 or combination; Programming of PLC, touch screen, industrial computer, MCU, DCS and other programs; Slip speed regulation changes frequency speed regulation, DC speed regulation, analog DC speed regulation changes digital DC speed regulation; Constant pressure water supply, fan and water pump of boiler, air compressor, chemical fiber, plastic, printing, packaging, metallurgy, wood industry, cable, food and other aspects have rich experience in a large number of application examples, so as to solve the most comprehensive technical problems on site for customers

marketing business headquarters: frequency converters of various brands, such as Mitsubishi, Fuji, Lenz, Siemens, Sanken, Yaskawa, Delta, Tai'an, etc; Therefore, DC governors of various brands, such as continental and Siemens, are not only in terms of control mode, speed range, experimental stroke and tonnage of experimental machine; All kinds of PLC, such as Mitsubishi, Siemens, Delta, etc; Various servos, such as Lenz, Siemens, Mitsubishi, etc. Other peripheral products, such as temperature controller, transmitter, programming cable, brake unit, etc

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