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Xaar company (Xaar) has recently launched two new generation print heads, which are aimed at the wide and ultra wide inkjet printing market. These two inkjet heads, including Xaar electron, which is fast and inexpensive, and Xaar proton, a domestic ultra fast wide-width product, which is basically preserved in fast white paperboard, use a new generation of platform1 two-dimensional print heads

in order to meet the needs of the new generation of wide width inkjet printing system, cel has launched close cooperation with some international leading equipment suppliers. Shanghai aoyan Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen runtianzhi Image Technology Co., Ltd., Haijie digital technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai chiting Digital Technology Co., Ltd. at the 200 Guangdong International Advertising Exhibition (sign China 2009), which mainly includes the production of starch based plastics and biodegradable plastics, Five inkjet machines produced with Xaar electron inkjet printheads and 12 products with Xaar proton inkjet printheads will be launched. Infiniti digital will also exhibit products using Xaar proton inkjet heads at the exhibition in North America. These products provide new performance standards for indoor and outdoor advertising markets

xaar electric features:

xaar Electric is the fastest and highest resolution inkjet print head in the indoor and outdoor advertising market. This 128 way print head is developed on the basis of the Xaar 128 print head that has been recognized by the market. The Xaar 128 print head has been widely recognized by the industry and has become the de facto standard in the wide advertising market

xaar electric adopts new integrated circuit technology, which increases the printing speed by 70% compared with its predecessor products, and the cost of this product is the lowest among products of the same level. This product is simple and easy to use, which can shorten the return on investment time. At the same time, it can also be compatible with solvent ink and UV ink. Xaar Electric has two kinds of ink drops, 35pl and 70pl. Users can choose according to their own special demand for Jinan assay, the preferred manufacturer of testing machines

xaar proton features:

the construction land has been requisitioned. Xaar proton is a wide width (53.7mm) and high-resolution two-dimensional print head with excellent printing quality. It is designed for large-scale indoor and outdoor advertising production. Xaar proton adopts the newly designed piezoelectric nozzle technology, which is also applied to the xaar1001 inkjet head. Its excellent printing quality will not be affected by the acceleration. The droplet size of Xaar proton inkjet head is 35pl

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