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PTA empty orders leave the market in batches, and the glass can rise and fall. PTA rebounded on Friday, and continued to decline today in 2010. The intraday trading volume shrank significantly year-on-year last week. After the 8000 point battle, the long and short differences were significantly reduced, and the positions fell rapidly. Some long positions were cut off from normal. For short positions, the motivation to continue to be sharply bearish is not enough, and the overall positions rose slightly today

today's close was 7656 points, less than 200 points compared with the bottom price focus of 7500 in the second half of last year. In the absence of a sharp decline in the systemic economy or peripheral systemic bad, the probability of PTA breaking through 7500 and continuing to break through the downward trend is not very high. From a fundamental point of view, PTA starts are still at a low level, and the month is the seasonal off-season of downstream demand. It is difficult to digest the high polyester inventory, which means that there is still a lot of pressure on PTA digestion. From the high inventory of MEG port, it can be seen that polyester is still very cautious in the purchase of raw materials, and the later stage depends on whether the downstream textile and clothing can effectively help reduce product inventory. Of course, when PTA can reverse depends on its own supply. If enterprises can generally reduce the operating rate, it may help PTA speed up its departure from the bottom area

from the perspective of operation ideas, PTA has entered the target range we previously predicted. In the early stage of space bargain hunting, the position will be gradually closed. In the near future, it will be gradually close to the 7500 platform. Multi order entry needs to patiently wait for the overall 258 Chinese classical architecture color of the commodity to stabilize, and then intervene in

glass (1404, -28.00, -1.96%): shock bottoming, upside is expected

today, the chemical industry sector fell across the board, and glass was not spared, There are two main reasons. One is the introduction of the detailed rules of the local government on the five national regulations. Although the detailed rules issued by various cities are generally looser than market expectations, this will also have an impact on the trend of short-term glass to a certain extent. The second reason is that the overall weakness of stock indexes and bulk commodities has dragged down the trend of glass to a certain extent

the whole glass industry is about to enter a period of seasonal demand increase, but at present, the indication value of futures and spot goods drifts or jumps randomly. If the 220V voltage of the power supply is unstable, it is more obvious to be cautious in the selection of the test machine. The decline of futures price has not affected the performance of spot manufacturers, which is also caused by the relatively few spot manufacturers participating in futures. From the current spot in East China, the current price of the futures market is still at a relatively reasonable price. The continuous rise of spot prices will support the futures market to a certain extent, but the most critical thing is to look at the macro factors of the whole market, especially the real estate market and the domestic stock market. According to the latest "national five rules" issued by some cities over the weekend, most cities do not involve 20% personal income tax, and mainly put forward the concept of "limited rise". The new deal may cool the market in the short term, but it is difficult to curb the rise of the property market in the long term. Month is the traditional peak season of the glass industry. From the perspective of fundamentals, glass is expected to rise in the medium and long term

graphically, 1430 broke today, and 1400 integer points were supported, but the upper part was suppressed by the average in the middle and early stages, and there was resistance. In the short term, it is suggested that the empty orders in the early stage can be closed in batches. Investors may wish to consider trading on the left side and lay out multiple orders in light positions near 1400 points. The content of this article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly at their own risk

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