The hottest PTA Market in Asia fell sharply

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PTA prices in Asia fell sharply

PTA prices in Asia fell sharply, peaking at $670-680 per metric ton in mid June, and fell below $600 in late June. It has fallen recently. If the experimental data required by the customer is not very much, it is nearly $500. Monoethylene glycol (MEG) market is also weak at the same time. Installation of main products: the main reason is that China's trading volume, which affects the market, has decreased, and polyester polymerization equipment has begun to reduce production

pta Asia's market continued to rise after the Chinese New Year. From the level of $300 at the beginning of the year, it rose to $560 ~ 570 in May, which could not meet the needs of 3D printing technology development. In mid June, it soared to $670 ~ 680. China's PTA import volume from January to may set a new record, which is close to 4million metric tons in the whole year. However, from June, some polyester polymerization plants reduced production due to PTA high prices, and this trend expanded in July. In addition to polyester fiber entering the off-season of demand, factors such as the stagnation of the U.S. economy have also led to excess supply capacity

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