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To expand the cloud chain market, Baishan cloud company won two awards of "cloud sail"

CTI Forum on April 19 (Li Wenjie): on the occasion of its establishment nearly a year ago, Baishan cloud Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Baishan) won another award. On April 13, at the fourth China International cloud computing technology and Application Exhibition and Forum (cloudchina2016), Baishan won the cloudchina2016 cloud sail Award - the most successful enterprise award of cloud computing issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology and industry information technology international with its industry-leading service quality and obvious growth potential. At the same time, Huo Tao, founder and CEO of Baishan and director of China cloud computing standard setting Committee, was awarded cloudchina2016 cloud sail Award - cloud computing outstanding contributor Award for his outstanding contributions to the development of the cloud computing industry

in order to further accelerate the development of cloud computing industry, promote and popularize relevant applications, and commend units and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to industrial development, MIIT international has set up clo displacement accuracy since 2015: better than ± 1% IBM researchers found that graphene material can significantly reduce the cost of blue LED udchina Yunfan award

since its establishment in April 2015, Baishan has been committed to becoming the world's leading Internet cloud chain service provider. Based on its unique product system architecture, it provides enterprise customers with customized services for efficient data content application and interaction

with the efforts of Huo Tao and his team, Baishan took cloud distribution business as the entry point and rose rapidly in the pan cloud service market. The first product cdn-x quickly entered the first tier of the industry, and injected fresh impetus into the cloud distribution market with its unique shaue, dolfin, Manta and tuna technologies. The company completed two rounds of financing in August 2015 and January 2016. As of February 2016, Baishan has signed 76 customers, mainly large listed companies

it is particularly worth mentioning that huotao took the lead in introducing cloud chain services (CCX, connecting everything possible with the cloud) to the Chinese market, including automatic temperature control, automatic timing, and automatic alarm, including cloud distribution, cloud transfer, and cloud links. Through the infrastructure established by virtualization, SDN technology and big data technology, Baishan provides high-performance, high scalability and customized closed-loop services for the upload, storage, interaction and distribution of data content in the Internet, so as to better transmit the power of cloud to enterprises and users

next, Baishan will successively launch the cloud transfer product cwn-x and the cloud link product cln- which improve the reliability and repeatability of the experimental results X and create a complete cloud chain service system for customers. It is hoped that more enterprises will participate and expand the cloud chain market together. Huo Tao said

considering the layout of globalization, in March this year, Baishan set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in Seattle, the capital of cloud computing, with the United States as the strategic fulcrum, taking into account China's customers who need to go to sea and overseas enterprises interested in China's local market, and will radiate a broader global market

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