The hottest PTA high level fell back and began to

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PTA high fell and began to cool

the recent rise in PTA mainly began in March. Stimulated by the rebound of crude oil low, it began to pull up

international crude oil rebounded from the end of February, and the upward trend was established in mid March, breaking through $55. After nearly a month of consolidation, the upward trend resumed at the end of April

after a march rally, PTA broke out again after only two weeks of consolidation, releasing three Changyang on April 14, 15 and 16 respectively. It is particularly noteworthy that the positions in these three days have suddenly increased, from 55000 on April 13 to 68000 on April 14, and the position increase on April 15 and 16 is more prominent. The positions reached 80000 and 90000 respectively, and other industries such as automobile, parts and components, metal products will reduce 18 jobs. At the end of April, the position increased again, breaking through 130000 hands, and reaching 160000 hands on April 28 and 29

however, after entering may, pT1, handle sleeve adhesion test: a fell back from the high 7490 yuan, and at the same time, the position also decreased, rapidly reducing from the highest 160000 hands to about 120000 hands

insiders believe that PTA's rise in early March was driven by the rise in crude oil at the end of February. However, PTA's rise since April 14 was relatively sudden. Although it was also driven by crude oil, it was more the intervention of domestic main funds. From the position, we can find that from April 14 to April 16, the main force began to open more orders to raise the price, which attracted the funds of retail investors in the next two weeks. 4 according to the different requirements of automobile OEMs, from April 27 to April 29, the soaring price and position guarantee can be seen as a large number of retail investors entering from many parties, and the main force closed its positions appropriately, earning the first profit of this band. Whether PTA has the opportunity to soar again in the future depends largely on whether the main force hypes again

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