Safety technical measures for initial and periodic

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Safety technical measures for initial pressure and periodic pressure of coal mine working face

safety technical measures for initial pressure and periodic pressure of working face

1. During the mining of working face, daily roof observation shall be carried out to find out the steps of initial pressure and periodic pressure of working face, increase the support density before pressure, and improve the total support force of working face pillars

2. Before pressure, 12 rows of dense pillars or cluster pillars shall be added along the top line to increase the support and isolate the old pond. Add a wooden pier every 58 meters along the top line; You can also make wooden cribs with double rows of cross arrangement; Or add a berm shed or lifting shed with one beam and three columns to increase the stability of the mining face support

3. During the initial pressure, appropriately increase the top control distance of the working face to facilitate the erection of special supports. During the period of periodic pressure, appropriately knock again, and when it is abnormal, reduce the roof control distance, and appropriately reduce the one-time roof caving distance, so as to reduce the impact of the main roof on the mining face

4. Adopt small progress circulation mode to speed up the advancing speed of the working face, maintain the integrity of the coal wall, and make it have a good supporting effect

5. Ensure that the quality of support in the mining face meets the requirements, and support in time after coal falling. If there is a danger of falling slope, support and stick pillars should be set

6. Set wooden signal posts in the working face and goaf so that the roof can alarm in time when it comes too late

7. For the hard old roof with a large area of exposure, artificial forced caving must be taken in advance to reduce the pressure of the old roof on the emerging industry with the fastest growth rate in the city

8. The pillars in the goaf should be recycled and cleaned to make the direct roof collapse fully, so as to buffer the impact of the collapse of the main roof on the pillars of the working face. Under the pressure of large-area roof, finally withdraw a lonely pressure bearing pillar, 1 Soil 0.5 mm/min; When the friction pillar bolt cannot be opened by hammering, stop the column retraction, make up the pillar around the column, and then retract the column with the column retraction winch. When retracting the function of the column anchor bolt cutter, all personnel must withdraw outside the dangerous range

9. Strengthen the on-site safety management. The roof administrator and safety officer should carefully patrol the working face, and there should be no broken columns, decayed columns, missing columns, and the column and row spacing should meet the requirements

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