Safety technical measures for installation of the

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Safety technical measures for the installation of temporary winch sheave platform

nhfg the temporary winch sheave platform is the highest level platform. In order to speed up the construction progress, the crane is used to lift the steel beam and sheave during the installation of the crane sheave platform. This measure is specially prepared for safe and efficient construction

the project mainly includes the following items:

1) removal of the original crown wheel platform

1) installation of steel beams

2) installation of crown wheels

3) installation of fixed seats of hydraulic screw tensioning devices and brake rope buffers

4) laying checkered steel plates, and guardrails are set around the platform

this safety technical measure is based on the construction organization design data of Hongqinghe air shaft, the construction organization design drawings of Hongqinghe 1# air shaft temporary re stranding, and the 2011 edition of coal mine safety regulations, operation regulations, and the MT edition of quality inspection and evaluation standards for coal mine installation engineering

before the commencement of the project, carry out technical preparation according to the requirements, organize professional technicians to conduct drawing self-examination, and prepare and submit the safety technical measures for this construction for approval according to the procedures. Prepare various technical data and forms

make technical disclosure to technicians, managers and construction personnel before construction

specifically includes:

1 Organize professional technicians to conduct drawing self-examination Erdogan: a political talent in Turkey

2. Organize construction personnel to learn relevant technical standards, read drawings and relevant materials, and master relevant technical essentials

3. Prepare technical measures for construction safety, and organize construction personnel to carry out study and master construction essentials

4. Check the relevant technical parameters in this construction

5. Prepare all kinds of construction equipment, tools and materials according to the construction needs

/T 12444 ⑵ 006 metal material wear test method test ring test block sliding wear test, do a good job in the intersection of measurement base points, and make relevant records

2. Prepare the production, living, office places and facilities on the construction site

3. Arrange fire-fighting equipment according to the needs of the construction site

before entering the construction site, the project department shall organize and prepare the construction equipment, machines and tools, materials, measuring instruments and personnel according to the requirements of the construction plan; The construction personnel shall be trained to ensure the balanced construction of the project in accordance with the requirements of the contract

before mobilization, according to the requirements of the quality system procedure documents, prepare the equipment, tools and materials for construction, and complete the inspection, measurement, testing instruments and test instruments of construction equipment, tools and materials. These preparation work pieces are the premise of doing a good job in the installation project. Any improper preparation and disconnection of supply will cause downtime and affect the construction period

1. preparation of construction equipment

construction equipment includes stable vehicle and its electric control, crane, pulley, crown wheel, suspension crown wheel, gas welding equipment (oxygen cylinder, acetylene cylinder, welding tool, cutting tool), electric welding machine, portable drill, portable grinder, etc

2. tools and cutting tools

tools and cutting tools include large and small hammers, wood hammers, all kinds of shovels (flat and sharp), scratch gauges, scratch needles, eye punches, hand saw bows, all kinds of movable handles, sleeve handles, bench vises, screwdrivers, iron brushes, all kinds of rope sleeves, crowbars, all kinds of drills, all kinds of files, etc

3. Material preparation

various screws and J-bolts for construction

1. Before the installation of the crown wheel platform, the cross center line of the shaft should be cast on the crown wheel platform first, and the support should be welded on the crown wheel platform, and the cross line should be pulled

2. Their performance will become better around the fence. The fence will be reinforced, and two 15.5mm steel wire ropes will be laid on the upper part of the fence as the retention rope of the safety belt. Remove the heavy maintenance beam with a pressing force of 20 to 30 kg on the upper part of the crown wheel platform, and then remove other beams of the crown wheel platform. Remove the 50t crane for installation. The model of steel wire rope used for lifting objects is 12mm, and the shackle is M27

3. Before the installation of the crown wheel, the equipment should be checked, cleaned and oiled, and the crown wheel should rotate flexibly

4. For the installation of the steel beam of the crown wheel platform, the relevant horizontal dimensions of each beam and the control of each rope dropping point should be mastered, and the position control of the rope dropping point is the main control object

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