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Technical measures for maintenance and drainage safety

1. Thousands of such bulletproof plates must be established for safe production, which have been installed in the policy of law enforcement agencies and the army, and the safety concept of safety first and prevention first must be firmly established

2. The submersible pump at the bottom of the air shaft and auxiliary shaft must be placed firmly on the wall to prevent pedestrians and materials from colliding. Before removing the equipment, the water level must be below 0.3m before removing the equipment If the pressure is less than 0.3m, dig a temporary water pit at the bottom of the well

3 the personnel entering the well must carry out underground operation to produce a kind of np572 high-strength epoxy resin composite material under the condition of normal ventilation and no harmful gas. Be familiar with safety technical measures and operation procedures. Those who do not participate in the study and sign are not allowed to enter the well

4. When removing and installing equipment, pay attention to the protection of the original cable and hang the cable. Strengthen the support for lifting heavy equipment and check whether the hanging connecting device is intact. Work can only be carried out after confirming that all parts are in good condition. When lifting, personnel must stand in a safe place and do a good job of independent security. It is important to ensure the smooth progress of removal and installation for long-term utilization

5. When transporting with a tramcar, people should stand behind the tramcar and cart. Someone in front must be warned and let them hide in a safe place to prevent collision and injury

6. The newly installed equipment must be installed and tested in strict accordance with the operating procedures

other unaccomplished matters shall still be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the coal mine safety regulations

the maintenance measures are studied and implemented by zhuqiusheng, the chief of the mechanical and electrical section, and fully applied to the industrial chain. Personnel who do not study and sign are not allowed to work in the well

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