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Safety technical measures for installation and welding of transportation trough belt conveyor statement:

tensile testing machine can be roughly divided into pendulum tensile testing machine and electronic tensile testing machine

201 transportation trough belt conveyor device. Electrical welding is required in the construction process. In order to ensure the safety of construction and the smooth stop of construction, the technical measures for welding are specially formulated

1. Construction address:

machine tail of belt big night Lane in the west area

2. Construction content:

201 transportation trough belt escort device

3. Construction time:

the project will be completed on April 10, 2016

4. Construction staff:

1, * * * (certificate number:)

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5. Construction preparation

(I) air construction preparation

1. Check gas cylinders. It must be checked seriously. Check that the valves of oxygen cylinders and acetylene cylinders are well sealed without leakage, oxygen and acetylene are sufficient, and the pressure load meets the requirements

2. Check the gas cutting equipment. The gas pipe, pressure reducing valve, barometer, flashback preventer, cutting torch, etc. must be checked carefully to ensure that the gas cutting equipment is free of defects, and the gas pipe and connecting parts are not

checked by:

air leakage

3. Unloading of gas cutting tools. Load oxygen, acetylene and gas cutting equipment into the mine car and make preparations for entering the well. Some manufacturers of oxygen cylinders and acetylene cylinders that produce and process oil cylinders cannot be installed in the same tramcar, and cannot be mixed with other combustible materials, large metal objects and large gangues; Gas pipes and other appliances shall not be unloaded and transported, but must be carried by special personnel to prevent crushing

4. The air preparation task is completed by the aircraft factory, and the person in charge of the aircraft factory will check and confirm in detail

(II) underground transportation

1. Secondary inspection of gas cylinders. Lower the oxygen cylinder and acetylene cylinder to the mine car, and send a special person to check the unloading environment of the oxygen cylinder and acetylene cylinder again, and the transportation process shall be restrained by a special person

2. Transportation route: in the air → auxiliary shaft → circular parking lot → belt conveyor tail of belt conveyor in the West belt Danian lane

3. The gas cylinders should be taken out of the mine car carefully. After the gas cylinder receiving staff hold it firmly, the gas cylinder taking staff can let go. The gas cylinders should be lifted and placed gently. The gas cylinders should be escorted by the security inspection and professional construction staff to the tail of the belt conveyor in the belt conveyor lane in the west district

(III) underground construction preparation

1. Clean up the construction site. Clean the inflammables within 10 meters of the task address and the front and rear ends of the surrounding area; Clean up the sundries on the homework site to prevent tripping during manual handling of materials, and slide carefully at the same time

2. Place the gas cylinder. The distance between the gas cylinders and the task address must be more than 10 meters, and the distance between the two kinds of gas cylinders must not be less than 10 meters; The gas cylinder must stand vertically and be placed at the Enron address,


and be reliable and firm to prevent dumping. It is strictly prohibited to rotate on the base plate

3. According to the actual construction, the site should have full-time tile inspectors, water spray and fire-fighting staff, and at least two qualified fire extinguishers, fire shovels and 0.2m fire extinguishers around the welding address? Fire sand, at the same time, it is necessary to connect the fire-fighting water supply pipeline. The distance between the water supply pipeline and the welding address shall not exceed 2m, and ensure that there is sufficient water. Before welding, dust flushing shall be stopped around the roadway within 20m around the construction site to eliminate the accumulation of coal dust

4. Check and copy gas. The gas inspector shall stop checking the gas concentration and ventilation condition in the gas cutting task address and the surrounding area within 20m, and the gas concentration shall not exceed 0.5%. As long as the inspection proves that there is no gas accumulation at the top of the roadway within 20m around the work address, the gas cutting work can be stopped

5. Check the equipment before welding. The electric welder shall check the gas cylinder, pressure reducing valve, barometer, gas pipe, cutting torch and other instruments in detail again, and connect all parts after confirming that there is no defect

6. Nagging. After the person in charge of the construction, the security inspector and the gas inspector jointly check and confirm that there is no potential safety hazard, the construction can be carried out ahead

(VI) construction precautions:

1. The district team shall designate a special person to inspect and supervise on site. In case of abnormal environment, it is necessary to report immediately and stop emergency handling according to the regulations

2. It must be ensured that the underground task address has excellent ventilation, abundant air volume and stable charm

3. Underground electric welding and gas cutting operations should be stopped by professional staff. Electric welders must work with certificates until they are fully qualified. Special personnel should be assigned to spray water during the task


4. When the operation is stopped, oxygen cylinders and acetylene cylinders must be placed in the place with excellent ventilation and support at the air inlet side. They should be away from the high temperature and the risk address that can have gas accumulation, emission and flammable


5. The construction task address must provide new repeated parameter assumptions. It is strictly prohibited to engage in all tasks that can cause gas accumulation, produce floating coal dust and affect ventilation in the task address and intake

6. Check the air tightness of oxygen and acetylene before going down the well. When cables and rubber hoses exceed the track, they must be hung, and the safe inspection task of preventing air and electricity leakage must be done

7. When stopping gas welding, there must be a reliable nozzle assembly to prevent metal melt dripping during cutting, which will cause alertness or burn other staff

8. If the task address is abnormal, the operation should be stopped immediately, and the on-site staff should stop processing immediately according to the actual environment. If the on-site staff cannot stop handling, they should immediately report to the dispensing room, close the valves of oxygen and acetylene cylinders, wear bottle caps, and evacuate the oxygen cylinders, acetylene cylinders, and on-site staff to the Enron address. After receiving the statement, the dispensing room immediately reports to the leaders of each supervisor about the environment, and adopts emergency measures to stop handling

9. The pressure reducer must be selected according to the characteristics of the gas. It cannot be replaced or substituted. It must be protected from damage during escort

10. When the utilization is stopped, close the acetylene control valve first and then the dissimilated gas control valve to prevent backfire and black smoke

11. Acetylene must use flashback preventer. In case of flashback, the oxygen control valve should be quickly closed, and then the acetylene control valve should be closed. The acetylene hose can be pulled up in an emergency environment. Auditee:

after the tempering goes out, put the welding nozzle into water for cooling, then turn over the oxygen to blow away the soot in the passage, and then go out again

When the bottle valve is on fire, the bottle valve should be closed immediately. When it is impossible to get close, you can use a large amount of cold

water radiation to cool the bottle body, then close the bottle valve, block the gas source and extinguish the fire, at the same time, prevent the fire and gas bottle from dumping, and require the staff on the return side of the cutting address to evacuate to the Enron address on the inlet side

13. When it is impossible to prevent the leakage of the cylinder valve, let the gas escape until the gas in the cylinder is exhausted, but the welding, cutting address and the air return side of the cylinder must be powered off and removed

7. Construction completion method

1. After electric welding and gas cutting, the cylinder valve of the gas cylinder should be closed tightly, then the screw of the pressure reducer should be loosened, the pressure reducing valve, rubber hose and welding and cutting torch should be assembled, the bottle cap should be worn, the acceptance should be received in time, and it should be placed at the designated position after lifting the well

2. After the completion of gas welding, the task address should be sprayed with water again, and a special person should check the task address for 1 hour. If any abnormality is found, it should be dealt with immediately; The site can be separated as long as it is confirmed that there are no risks

3. Other matters not covered shall strictly comply with the relevant provisions of the coal mine safety regulations

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