Safety technical measures for installation of the

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Safety technical measures for installation of main ventilator

according to the design requirements of 600000 tons, two FBCDZ № 21/2 should be installed in zhangjiayuan air shaft × 132 (power 2 × 132kw, air volume range 48-107m3/s, air pressure range 679-2600pa) counter rotating axial flow main fan, as mine ventilation equipment, one of which is working and one is standby

II. Construction unit: installation team

III. person in charge of Construction:

IV. person in charge of construction technology:

v. construction time: April 25th, 2011

VI. preparation before construction:

1. Use the pre shift meeting to organize the construction personnel to learn relevant installation theoretical and technical knowledge, safety knowledge training, convey construction safety technical measures, and technical disclosure to workers

2. For the flat sizing block, inclined sizing block, lifting rope head and triangular derrick required in the processing and construction of the ground workshop, the lifting rope head adopts 6 ×. 5 steel wire rope production

3. Clean up the sundries in the construction site, hoist the steel beams, I-beams and track rails required in the construction on the foundation of the ventilator in sequence with a crane, and then use a triangular derrick to level and align them, and use an electric welding machine to weld and reinforce them, which is getting worse and worse

4. Before installation, all parts of the fan must be checked: A. whether the parts are complete; b. Whether the impeller rotates flexibly; c. Whether the blade rubs against the cylinder wall; d. Whether the blade is firmly installed; e. Whether the blade is cracked. If problems are found, they should be dealt with in time, and there must be no hidden danger of accidents

5. Equip the tools and instruments required in the construction (see the list of construction tools for details), materials, accessories, etc

6. Organize members of the explosion-proof team and technicians to carry out equipment acceptance and explosion-proof inspection on the fan motor with clips of special data, and measure the insulation of the motor with a megger to confirm whether the motor is in good condition. At the same time, check the high-voltage starting device of the fan (including its insulation): whether the appearance instruments (including voltmeter, ammeter, power factor meter), signal indication, relay, operation structure, etc. are complete and intact, and whether the internal control wiring and main wiring are in good condition

VII. Construction steps:

1. Check and accept the fan foundation to ensure that the foundation meets the required strength, and check whether the gauge meets the requirements. At the same time of mechanical installation, the electrician shall lay the high-voltage cable (its insulation must be tested before laying, and it can only be used if it is qualified), and the temperature measurement control line. The cable shall be laid in pipes through the road section. The high-voltage cable and the control line shall be laid in pipes separately, and the rest shall be dug in cable trenches and buried directly. Its switchgear and high-voltage starting device use the fan starting device permanently installed by the mining party. The mining party has installed it. According to the load, the power supply department of Party A and the manufacturer will debug and set the fan starting device

2. The permanent damper is installed in five places. After the permanent damper is installed, remove the sealing sheet and steel beam on the south side of the air duct of the return air shaft. Use a ladder (the ladder legs must be fixed firmly) to climb, wear a safety belt when removing, use a chisel to remove the welding fixing points between the iron sheet and the steel beam, and use a palm rope to retain the iron sheet (2m for each iron sheet × 1m), when the remaining two welding points, pull them apart with palm rope. Remove the sealing iron sheets one by one in the same way. The steel beam is fixed on the bracket with screws, and the palm rope is used to retain the steel beam when it is removed, and then the steel beam is manually removed, which will undoubtedly open a broader prospect for its utilization. Remove the connecting bolts. Open a permanent air door at a height of 200 mm, and pull the removed iron sheets and steel beams from below the air door to the ground one by one. The whole removal process ensures the normal operation of the original ventilator and the normal ventilation underground

3. Hoist the fan reducer joint, connecting duct, collector, primary fan, secondary fan, diffuser, silencer and diffusion tower to the laid steel rail in sequence, pad the rubber pad or asbestos rope between the two flanges, and connect all parts firmly with bolts

4. Check whether the oil inlet and outlet circuits are unblocked, and inject the lubricating grease required by the motor instructions

5. Check all parts. After the installation is correct and the manual brake is correct, connect the power line and the steel door according to the motor operation manual. There are 17 parts of the temperature measuring instrument lines

6. Set local grounding electrode near the fan, and its resistance value shall not exceed 2 Ω, use -40 × 4 galvanized flat iron handle fan motor is reliably connected with all conductive metal shells

7. After all parts of the fan are installed, the collector shall be re poured and sealed tightly to ensure no air leakage

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