Safety technical measures for installation and wel

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Safety technical measures for installation and welding of coal mine roadway equipment

I. preparation instructions:

xxx coal mine underground equipment installation project has begun, and the equipment installation needs electric welding and gas cutting. In order to ensure construction safety, the following safety technical measures are specially prepared:

II. Construction time:

February, 2011 - February, 2011

III. preparation:

1. Prepare 1 bottle of oxygen, 1 bottle of liquefied gas A set of gas cutting tools, an electric welding machine, 2 4kg dry powder fire extinguishers, special watering tools, materials and tools required for construction, or nearly 40 dirty or rusty tools of listed companies with too accelerated layout of lithium battery business

IV. main personnel on the construction site:

1. Person in charge on the site:

2. Technical person in charge:

3. Person in charge of safety:

4. Full time electrician:

5. Electric welder:

6. Full time sprinkler:

7. Full time caregiver:

8. Gas inspector: (please assign a special person to be responsible by the safety and ventilation Department)

v. safety technical measures for welding: encourage low power

1.The All personnel participating in the construction must be led by technicians to carefully study this measure before construction, and can only work after signing on the measure after learning

2. When transporting oxygen cylinders and liquefied gas cylinders, they must be packed and transported separately. Collision should be avoided during the shipping process. If necessary, the safety director should send two people to carry them. Before construction, electric welders should be responsible for checking the switches, joints, oxygen liquefied gas pipes, instruments, electric welding machines, etc. of oxygen cylinders and liquefied gas cylinders. They can be used only after they are confirmed to be correct

3. During construction, the distance between oxygen cylinders and liquefied gas cylinders shall be more than 10 meters respectively. They must be placed vertically in a safe place with intact roof, and reliably fixed on the roadway side to prevent dumping. It is strictly prohibited to roll on the floor; The electric welding machine shall be stably placed at a place 5 meters away from the operation site, where the support is intact and free of water, and shall be reliably fixed to prevent sliding

4. Two intact dry powder fire extinguishers (4kg) and special sprinklers must be prepared on site. The operation is 70% more energy-saving than the existing market experimental machine. It is strictly prohibited to store inflammables and explosives within 10m of the location

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